How To Get Billions Of Money On The Sims Mobile || Easy Hack 2020

(NEW) The Sims Mobile Hack

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After downloading and using the mod afk, make sure to delete it afterwards.

Step by step

1. Delete the orig app
2. Delete your fb app (needed)
3. Download the afk from the website above ?
4. Install and play it, finish the tutorial of the game until you reached the settings.
5. For those who already has an existing account and don’t want to lose it, connect your fb first.
6. Those first timer playing this game or just want to create your new game like me, skip the #5

Important steps

7. Go to the store menu, and it will automatically gives you billions of coins, now exit the menu, and you’ll see that it will come back to your coins from before.
8. Go back to store menu again, spend your last coins or buy more items as needed.
9. Exit the store and you’ll see, the billions coins will be permanent.
10. Do the same with cash, if you want cash. Go to store menu.
11. Buy an item with a price of cash. Exit the store.
12. And if its still the normal cash you had. Go back to the store menu again and spend your last cash! Exit the store and thats it. The billions of cash will be permanent as well.
13. (For those beginners and doesn’t have an existing account) Connect your fb.
14. Delete the mod, and download the orig app from playstore.
15. Play it until you reached the settings again, and connect your saved progress. Enjoy ?

Follow my steps and you’ll get your billions of coins and cash! No verification needed. Download at your own risk.

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(NEW) The Sims Mobile Hack